County Courier | Being Eco-friendly

Be Eco-friendly
From our highly energy efficient computers to online proofing and our use of flash drives instead of proofing DVDs, We do everything we can to minimize our effect on the planet during your photography session.

Here are a few things we do to keep the earth a friendly and habitable place for generations to come:

  • Use of recycled products whenever possible without compromising quality.
  • We use high efficiency computers to process your images.
  • By taking advantage of our online proofing we keep unwanted proof prints form filling our landfills.
  • When your package includes digital files, we deliver them to you on a reusable Flash Drive (which is yours to keep) or a digital download, instead of a one time use DVD.
  • We have gone carbon neutral through offset credit from
  • We offer prints on eco-friendly papers that hold up very well over time.